• LJHELM*(acronym of "le jeune homme et la mort" - Celebrating youth
    Création 2017

    No work is done by one man alone.
    His wound is only a passage
    Which widens in other men’s humanity
    As if to inspire actions to make up for it.
    - Joë Bousquet

LJHELM*(acronym of "le jeune homme et la mort" - Celebrating youth

LJHELM* (Acronym of "le jeune homme et la mort")
Celebrating youth

Creation 2017
Choreography piece for 3 dancers

« LJHELM »* is conceived as a drama, with a choreographic score built on a circle for three men dancing to the choreographic symphony “Daphnis et Chloé” by Maurice Ravel -1912. The presence of death linked to youth
pervades current events but also the First World War, because of which we continue healing the wounds. More than ever, apprehending reality and questioning history and our times seems urgent in order to understand. Bringing together the
oxymoron “the young man and death”, Ravel’s musical score and three dancers, this creation represents a challenge, and even a necessity in our times.
Its subject is the reality of the lives and destinies of three young men, alone or together on stage. Their dance takes place within the forms of the circle and the spiral: drama builds up within thisspace, using specific movements and motifs
which play with our memories.
Supported by extreme physicality and asserted expressivity, the tone of this piece mirrors our times, profound and full of pathos, prophetic and resistant, enthusiastic and ironically tragic.

Didier Théron
June 8th - 2017

* Acronym of « le jeune homme et la mort (the young man and the death) »

Dossier de diffusion: 


For possible work residencies, we will particularly work at linking territories and institutions interested in this project: the schools of the cities of Sedan, Carcasonne, Mende, Montpellier and the Aude region.

Bridging these experiences are possible openings, in order to develop imagination, provoke situations, and invent choreographic scores in space. We will bring historical facts, images, circumstances, and events together, as well as different archives dealing with these events. All information we gather will nourish the artistic work with the dancers and will be shared in any work residency.

A suggestion for an evening length performance of “LJHELM*(acronym of "le juene homme et la mort")”, followed by the choreography “SHANGHAI BOLERO Triptych / THE MEN”, repertory piece for three men with Ravel’s musical score “Bolero” (Montpellier Danse Festival 2011 production).


Festival « Mouvements sur la Ville » - Montpellier
Festival « Navigarte » - Pisa, Italy  
Zawirowania Festival 2017 - Warsaw, Poland


Archives de l’Hérault / pierrevives - Montpellier


Choregraphy : Didier Théron
Artistic collaboration : Michèle Murray
Music : Maurice Ravel – Musical score " Daphnis and Chloé " – 1912 / London Symphony Orchestra - Claudio Abbado
Interpretations : Sami Blond, Thomas Esnoult-Martinelli, Filipa Correia Lescuyer
Duration : 55 minutes 01