Création 2019

    A choreographic and musical creation for 2019/2020


A choreographic and musical creation for 2019/2020
Premiere on November 29th & 30th 2019 / EIN TANZ HAUS MANNHEIM, Germany
Dance performance for 4 dancers

I paraphrase Juan Luis Borges*, "like the Goofus bird, I build my nest upside down and fly backwards because I do not think about where I am heading, but where I come from".  The new dance creation RESURRECTION, - like the previous creations HARAKIRI – 14& the ghosts – LJHELM (Le jeune homme et la mort), belongs to this movement and cycle, and I will continue my choreographic research on "the human condition" –accompanied in this project by a musical creation by Francois Richomme. 
There are times of resurrection that appear in our lives; with the necessity of renewal in order to “start again”. 
During rehearsals, I imagined, let appear, and observed four young people, in an empty space and in an even light, a place somewhat like that of a warehouse, a place withdrawn from the world. This was the frame I set in order to speak about our human condition, theirs, and mine. Once again, I am essentially speaking about people and about what animates them, translating this into choreographic acts and forms. The piece is based on the invention of graphic forms that are born, disintegrate, drift or disappear with time, continually opening up new perspectives.
These intertwined choreographic forms create a narrative. The tension of the danced materials plunges the protagonists into a secret but immense quest which is larger than their own life. The group is an evolving entity; the dancers are permanently linked through energies verging on extremes.
The title, RESURRECTION is also the reason for the project. It says it all: the drama, the joy, the path, and humanity. It is also a word that belongs to us, both to our culture and to our existence. 
The title belongs to our current times, in the shadow of the First World War (1914-1918*). It felt necessary to change things, (destiny?) in order to bring something colorful to 2019, in order to make it a triumph.
I entrusted the musical composition to François Richomme, with the task of working on the heartbeat, which seemed a way of staying as close as possible to the "living". The music can be played live to the choreography.
To go along with this project, I chose Peter Handke's words from his work "Passe par les villages" and more specifically, Nova’s second speech, a prophetic character in the play who speaks only by injunctions: resurrection happens through injunctions.
Following a proposal from the ZAWIROWANIA Theater, the beginning of this project took place in Warsaw end of November 2018.
This work has enabled the two dancers Artur Grabarczyk and Stanislaw Bulder to join the team. The proposal of a premiere at the EINTANZHAUS in Mannheim on 29 and 30 November 2019 gave the project an international dimension, as well as a link with history and Europe.

Didier Theron
December 2019

** Indeed, history's incursion into the present electrifies the relationships between beings, between those who speak and those who listen. Does history still carry explosives for those who summon it, even decades after the events, after "the past"? Would composing works rooted in the past be the best way to speak about today, about our current times whose passing, perhaps rightly, worries us? 

*J.L.Borges and Guerrero Margarita – The Book of Fantasy

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Pôle de Développement Chorégraphique Mosson / Montpellier - Espace Bernard Glandier
Thursday, 5 March, 2020 - 18:30 to Saturday, 7 March, 2020 - 18:30


Zawirowania Theater Warsaw (open studio – Dec 8th, 2018)
Pôle de Développement Chorégraphique Mosson/Montpellier 


Ein Tanz Haus Mannheim
Montpellier-Haus Heidelberg
Deutsch-okzitanische Festwochen
Occitanie en scène


Artistic director
Didier Théron

Michèle Murray - artistic counselor, Thomas Guggi - production

Music director
François Richomme

Stanislaw Bulder, Artur Grabarczyk, Jee Hyun Hong, Camille Lericolais

Lignts creation
Didier Theron

Michèle Murray, Didier Theron